senseFly, an AgEagle Company, Meets High Quality Standards with ISO 9001 Certification

News All 29/06/2022

senseFly, an AgEagle Company, Meets High Quality Standards with ISO 9001 Certification

Receives Global Recognition for Organizational Excellence

senseFly, an AgEagle company, has received official ISO 9001 certification for its Quality Management System (QMS). Meeting a wide variety of strict standards, we have demonstrated that we deliver consistently high-quality products and services in every aspect of our fixed-wing drone operations, including design, manufacturing, marketing, sales and after-sales.

An international certification, ISO 9001 recognizes organizational excellence and good quality practices based on a strong customer focus, robust process approach and proof of continual improvement. We achieved the certification following an extensive audit across our organization, led by the Company’s dedicated in-house quality team. The QMS was developed over a two-year period, outlining a framework of policies, processes and procedures to help achieve our high-performance objectives.

As a leader in the drone space, we are always looking for ways to push the boundaries and set new standards for our customers and across the wider industry. Quality is a vital part of this innovative mindset: it impacts everything we do, whether in marketing or manufacturing,” added Michael O’Sullivan, Managing Director, drone division and Chief Commercial Officer at AgEagle. “The ISO 9001 certification is a fantastic achievement, assuring our customers across the globe that we operate to the highest quality, safety and reliability standards.”

By having a more standardized system in place, we aim to bolster operating efficiencies, enhance our quality focus and reduce waste in our business, ensuring that we consistently delight our customers by anticipating, meeting and exceeding their expectations. In addition, our QMS helps to boost engagement, collaboration, performance and productivity of our teams, empowering them to implement specific processes that help to quickly identify and resolve problems in a timely, proactive manner. Moreover, our ISO 9001 certification will demonstrate to our customers, business partners and other stakeholders that our business can deliver high-quality drone solutions that meet all industry regulations and on time delivery.

The professional drone sector is complex and heavily regulated, which is why quality is important. Our customers are often in demanding industries themselves and expect the best every time their drone takes flight, as well as support before, after and in-between. We already go above and beyond to ensure we meet – and exceed – high-quality standards and now the new ISO 9001 certification is proof of our centers of excellence in Raleigh, North Carolina and Lausanne, Switzerland,” commented AgEagle Chairman and CEO Barrett Mooney.

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