Ewald Kappes Ph.D., Trialing Expert Indications, Biological Assessment EAME

I have been cooperating with senseFly for more than five years now. senseFly is a very innovative company, especially in remote sensing for precision agriculture, where they have advanced their contribution tremendously. Our cooperation has been very good and has led to the mutual advancement of aerial imaging technology in field trials. Our sensefly contacts have always been very supportive.

Ewald Kappes Ph.D., Trialing Expert Indications, Biological Assessment EAME, Syngenta, Switzerland

Marc A. Cañas GISP, Vice President

Since acquiring our eBee RTKs, we have mapped a 30 mile corridor for California High Speed Rail, six miles of double track for Union Pacific Railroad, two rail yards for CSX Railroad and five miles of coastal right-of-way for Southern California’s Commuter Rail System. These projects have yielded phenomenal quality, accuracy and ROI—our costs were approximately 50% when compared to using manned aircraft and we cut our delivery times by more than half.

Marc A. Cañas GISP, Vice President, J.L. Patterson & Associates, Inc., United States

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Mark Entwistle, Managing Director

Our senseFly UAVs have quickly become essential tools. They are deployed quickly and allow us to survey entire sites in a short space of time — from wind farms to dams, historic sites, and music festivals. With our drones we can produce crystal clear orthomosaics and accurate elevation models, more cost effectively than traditional aerial surveying, and more quickly than using terrestrial surveying methods.

Mark Entwistle, Managing Director, KaarbonTech, United Kingdom

Jarlath O’Neil-Dunne, Director

We needed a system that would get us GIS-ready 2D and 3D products in a timely manner. The senseFly eBee is just that. With a fully integrated workflow the eBee allows us to focus on making use of the data as opposed to worrying about flight operations and data processing. We have flown the eBee in all types of weather conditions and have been extraordinarily impressed with its reliability.

Jarlath O’Neil-Dunne, Director, University of Vermont Spatial Analysis Laboratory, United States

Chris Slee, Director

With our eBee we can provide our final data in just a few days, whereas previously this would have taken much longer, meaning we can pass savings directly on to our clients. The fact that the eBee is lightweight and highly transportable are also big benefits (we avoided products that require a special ramp to get airborne). Most importantly, the eBee allows us to operate safely and it’s highly reliable — even when simulating critical errors as part of our annual flight assessment I have complete confidence that it will do exactly what we ask it to.

Chris Slee, Director, ATEC-3D, United Kingdom

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James O’Neill, Director

The eBee Ag is our main tool for precision agriculture. We have found it a remarkable tool for identifying issues within crops before problems become too severe. When the results from the eBee Ag are coupled with targeted soil testing, exceptionally accurate prescriptions can be made. The eBee’s simplicity and quick results are what have made it so valuable to us.

James O’Neill, Director, Signpost Surveys, Ireland

Justin Moat, Head

This technology has a huge amount to offer plant scientists who are working towards better understanding our planet's biodiversity. It allows scientists to reach places that were previously off limits as they were either too remote, too dangerous or too time consuming to explore. With our eBee we can now cover large areas of ground in great detail from a completely different perspective - and quickly too.

Justin Moat, Head, Kew Gardens GIS Unit, United Kingdom

Brian Deatherage, CEO

The sensefly eBee changed the game for us, allowing us to move from being UAV hobbyists into offering professional drone services. We deploy it for many commercial applications, in mining & construction, right around the world. We can deliver highly accurate data sets to customers within days of being on-location, faster, more safely, and more efficiently than previous technology and service providers in these industries were able to provide. This technology has been just wonderful to work with.

Brian Deatherage, CEO, Phoenix Drone Service LLC, United States

Peter Spruyt, Senior Scientific Officer

It’s important that UAS products are autonomous and in the case of the eBee this is very true; I found its take-off and landing particularly well thought out. The safety measures embedded in its eMotion software are also smart.

Peter Spruyt, Senior Scientific Officer, Joint Research Centre - European Commission, Netherlands

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Prof. Tosa Ninkov Ph.D., Owner

The eBee has given me the best R.O.I. of any surveying tool I own.

Prof. Tosa Ninkov Ph.D., Owner , GeoGIS Consultants, Serbia

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Yann Huet, Ing. Matériaux EPFL,

In addition to the albris’ technological prowess, congratulations on this drone’s user manual too. It is well written and very clear, an often overlooked benefit.

Yann Huet, Ing. Matériaux EPFL, , Geotest SA, Switzerland

David W. Johnston, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of the Practice of Marine Conservation & Ecology

We have begun using two eBees across different marine and conservation projects to see where we’ll best be able to employ them. For example, we already used an eBee carrying a thermoMAP payload for a very successful seal counting project in Canada. For us, a UAS is more efficient than taking shots manually from manned aircraft—in fact we realised we could buy a full drone system for what two aerial surveys would have cost us in the past! We expect the eBee to become a solid and very important component of our research program as we move forwards.

David W. Johnston, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of the Practice of Marine Conservation & Ecology, Nicholas School of the Environment, United States

Eric Steffler, Geomatics Manager

The return on our eBee investment has been amazing. We saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by using them in place of airborne Lidar on the Molo graphite project.

Eric Steffler, Geomatics Manager , Energizer Resources Inc., Canada

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Angel Angelov, Manager

senseFly’s drone is small, highly productive, easy to use and hard to break.

Angel Angelov, Manager , Geodetect Ltd., Bulgaria

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Laurent Glassey

La simplicité et les performances élevées de l’eBee, ainsi que la gestion de plans de vol avec le SRTM nous a permis de réalisés une multitude de nouvelles missions. Le produit nous satisfait pleinement et répond à nos exigences. Dans nos mandats de suivi de carrières et de gravières (plus de 10 sites sur Vaud) l’outil est idéal. Et désormais nous l’utilisons également dans d’autre domaines comme la mensuration officielle et l’aménagement du territoire.

Laurent Glassey, Mosini et Caviezel SA, Switzerland

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Todd Golly

There are a lot of $5,000 UAVs available, but they don't fly themselves so they're basically fancy remote controlled helicopters. With the senseFly eBee Ag you get a complete solution — take a couple minutes to plan a mission, launch it by hand (no catapults), and the eBee does the rest. It flies, takes images, figures out the wind and lands right where you want it to. There’s nothing more portable, powerful and easy to use.

Todd Golly, Partner, Golly Farms, United States

James Rennie, Director

We currently operate two eBee UAVs, which have completed well over 1,300 flights, so we’ve given these aircraft quite a workout. For us there is no typical project; we undertake work across Australia in plantation forestry, mining, land development, aboriginal heritage, flood prevention survey, insurance, agriculture and natural resource management. Our experience has been very good—the eBee system is easy to use, has proved reliable and its data is well received by clients. At this stage we’ve been unable to find a UAV that is as versatile.

James Rennie, Director, Australian UAV

Eric Romersa, Co-Founder

The eBee provides the best overall performance of any UAS system we’ve tried. It can fly at high altitude, behaves reliably in unstable wind conditions, and it doesn’t require extra additional take-off and landing equipment. Its pre-flight software also makes it easy to create your flight plan and its photogrammetry program generates very precise 3D models.

Eric Romersa, Co-Founder, WSdata3D, Chile

Juan Pablo Solorzano, Transport and Geomatics Division,

The eBee is perfect for high-altitude engineering projects, because it can perform over difficult terrain, in low air density, and with very few requirements in terms of landing space. We found its ROI can be as quick as getting our investment back by working on just one large job.

Juan Pablo Solorzano, Transport and Geomatics Division,, AOC Ingeniería, Ecuador

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Antonio Chaparro, General Manager

We work in mining and oil in Chile, Ecuador and Colombia. The swinglet CAM and eBee are extraordinary from 0-4800 masl.

Antonio Chaparro, General Manager , Solid Group, Chile

Simonas Guogis, Sales Project Manager

The eBee is such a simple system to use, any agency or organisation could easily use it to collect data themselves.

Simonas Guogis, Sales Project Manager , Hnit-Baltic, Lithuania

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Luís Serra

We evaluated the swinglet CAM against the national standards for producing municipal cartography in Portugal. We were impressed with how easy it was to plan and execute the flight. The waypoint flight planning was strictly followed; take-off and landing were both simple and safe. The plane safely returned to the starting point when faced with excessive wind conditions. Our studies also confirmed the positional and thematic accuracy of the post-processing products generated from the flight: True-orthophoto, Digital Elevation Model and stereoscopic models. senseFly always provided good support, replying to all our doubts and questions.

Luís Serra, Msc Geomatic Engineering, Portugal

Wayne Spurrill, Agronomist

We use the eBee in central Alberta to monitor crops throughout the summer. We found the eBee to be especially useful in evaluating lodging damage in small grains crops and it was an amazingly accurate tool to evaluate spray drift from neighboring crops. A combination of flights using RGB and NIR photography seems to give us the best results. The imagery is importable into the software we use for doing variable rate prescriptions and helps to provide additional information that improves the accuracy of our zoning. The eBee is a very effective tool that is easy to use and gives you immediate results.

Wayne Spurrill, Agronomist, Battle River Implements

Theo Wolmarans, Director

The eBee is the heart of my operation, allowing me to offer clients an affordable and reliable service that wasn't previously available in this part of the world. My drone has already logged 182 problem-free flights and has proved durable enough to handle the toughest African operating conditions. The best part? The feedback I receive from clients - they love our cost effectiveness and they love reducing the number of personnel working inside their mining sites.

Theo Wolmarans, Director, ICARUS AT Pty Ltd, South Africa

Dr. Michael Döring, Head of Research Group for Ecohydrology, Dr. Patrick Laube, Head of Research Group for Geoinformatics, Martin Geilhausen, Pascal Ochsner and Dr. Diego Tonolla,Scientific Collaborators Geoinformatics & Ecohydrology

The eBee is a powerful tool. It is a flexible and efficient way of gathering environmentally relevant information at the landscape scale and at the desired spatio-temporal resolution. We are using ours to develop flexible and efficient monitoring programs to be used in environmental science and practice, in particular in the fields of floodplain dynamics, biodiversity and restoration

Dr. Michael Döring, Head of Research Group for Ecohydrology, Dr. Patrick Laube, Head of Research Group for Geoinformatics, Martin Geilhausen, Pascal Ochsner and Dr. Diego Tonolla,Scientific Collaborators Geoinformatics & Ecohydrology, Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland

Diner Yılmaz, General Director

We use an eBee for many different projects: mapping, road and railway projects, power lines, dam and construction projects, renewable energy and more. For us, it is the most effective drone on the market. It is the perfect intersection of user-friendliness, quality, price, support, and software.

Diner Yılmaz, General Director, Artu Harita Bilişim GIS Mühendislik, Turkey

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Dr. Zoë Thomas, Research Associate

With the eBee we could easily identify and map geomorphological features in the New Zealand Subantarctics, which due to thick vegetation and a lack of satellite coverage would have been impossible otherwise. The eBee's low noise and 'natural' appearance was also crucial, since this meant it didn't disturb local bird colonies. This drone has such a wide range of potential applications that it could be a sound investment for many research departments.

Dr. Zoë Thomas, Research Associate, Climate Change Research Centre, Australia

Dr. Mario Rossi, Landscape Manager, Operations / Facilities Section

We are having a great experience with our five eBees. We fly these simultaneously to produce aerial cartography and to monitor and survey different architectural, agronomy and landscape projects, often on a large scale. We really enjoy interacting with the different files the eBee’s software produces, since each pertains to a specific discipline.

Dr. Mario Rossi, Landscape Manager, Operations / Facilities Section, The Office of H.H. The Crown Prince of Dubai (Government of Dubai), United Arab Emirates