Pix4Dreact & senseFly eBee X: A Winning Combination for Emergency Response & Public Safety

What if there was a software that made the jobs of first responders easier? A software that not only processed data efficiently but worked in tandem with senseFly’s fixed-wing drones to help first responders assess emergency situations with greater speed.

Introducing Pix4Dreact.

What is Pix4Dreact?

Pix4Dreact is a drone fast-mapping 2D software created with public safety professionals and emergency responders in mind. Feedback from users who had a strong interest in fast-mapping inspired the software. Pix4D’s Jonas Pfeil calls it a “game-changer”.

“Designed primarily for emergency response and public safety, it takes a different approach than other Pix4D software,” Pfeil said. “Pix4Dreact is functionally about speed, agility and building maps as an assessment.”

Pix4D’s processing software is known for its quality and efficiency. Pix4Dreact follows suit but serves a different purpose. It produces an output in minutes instead of hours—no GCPs required. It creates assessments that are most useful for people who aren’t necessarily mapping experts, and who are under pressure to have a simple, quick overview of an area.

However, Pix4D’s software is only part of the story. The ability to quickly and safely map medium to large areas also requires the right drone.

A Dynamic Duo

The senseFly eBee X fixed-wing drone is a trusted resource in emergency response situations. It’s currently used by State Farm to help assess damage after disasters and determine risks that could impact customers, such as environmental changes. It also helped the NCDOT evaluate inaccessible, flooded roadways after Hurricane Florence rocked the Carolinas in 2018. The eBee X’s fixed-wing drone technology has proven valuable to this sector due to its long-range mapping capabilities.

new-emergency-reponse-methodsWhile varying drone technologies, such as quadcopters, can help map smaller areas, their limited battery capacity can’t compete with the longer flight time of a fixed-wing drone.

“Quadcopters quite clearly don’t have the capacity to cover the same ground ,” Pfeil said.

The flight time of the eBee X enables ground coverage up to 500 ha (1,235 ac) in a single flight. It can also withstand winds of up to 28.6 mph. This allows emergency responders to assess situations faster and get to those who need them quicker.

“For the real assessment of a situation, having an eBee and then processing with Pix4Dreact provides emergency responders with an overview of the situation to coordinate their next action.”

Looking to the Future

Many eBee users already process their aerial imagery in Pix4Dmapper; using Pix4Dreact is no different. If anything, Pix4Dreact’s simplified UI makes it even easier.

“We hope it will help quicken the process and, ultimately, save lives,” Pfeil said.

For a free trial of Pix4Dreact, click here.

To speak with a professional about how to get an eBee X, find your local distributor here.