Why Upgrade to an eBee X

Today’s eBee X performance is the direct result of senseFly’s 10 years of industry experience and direct customer feedback. Our fixed-wing is built to boost your data collection’s quality, efficiency, and safety like no other.

The eBee X features the latest evolution of technology beyond previous models.

Suitable for the following industries: Surveying, mapping, agriculture, engineering, construction, environmental monitoring, research, education, utilities, crisis management, humanitarian, mining, quarries, and many more. 

Table of content

1. Drone comparison table3.3. Performance
2. What we maintained3.4. Flight time
3. What we enhanced for the eBee X3.5. eMotion
3.1. Cameras 3.6. Advanced operations ready
3.2. Modular design & durability 3.7. Portable

Comparison of senseFly’s fixed-wing drones

Comparison senseFly drones

What we maintained 

  • Lightweight. The eBee X just weighs 200 g / 0.44 lb more than the eBee Plus. Its lightweight is vital for safety in the case of an incident and a must to conduct advanced drone operations.
  • Modular. The drone benefits from a modular design that makes it fast and simple for users to perform minor upkeep and maintenance in the field.
  • Easy-to-use & robust. Like the previous generations, the eBee X is designed to be easily hand-launched and is built to operate in the harshest conditions.  
  • eMotion. This intuitive software allows you to plan a flight easily. Plus, eMotion offers valuable information for your mission, such as live weather and wind.
  • Safety. Automatic safety/return to home functionality in the case of an error in flight. The eBee X also features an option to boost operational safety via live air traffic data with a PingUSB accessory.

What we enhanced for the eBee X


  • The eBee X suits any job thanks to its nine groundbreaking and interchangeable cameras.
  • A sensor for every application, between RGB, multispectral and thermal. 
  • 3D mapping is available with the S.O.D.A. 3D -oblique imagery- camera. This sensor is optimized for drone applications and only compatible with the eBee X drone.
  • The eBee X’s cameras are specifically designed for professional drone photogrammetry. 

Modular design & durability

  • Field-ready and easy to maintain: the eBee X modular design lets you easily swap out components and accessories in the field. 
  • It’s the only senseFly drone where the pitot tube can be exchanged directly by the operator in the field, without technical support. 
  • Wings have been reinforced and have a clip to ensure secure attachment. This has increased from 2x to 3x the service life of the wings, on average, compared to the Plus and Classic series.
  • Smart Return to Home and Smart batteries improve the safety in operations and the longevity of the battery. Also, the batteries feature a convenient capacity checker. 
  • The underbelly is reinforced with polypropylene woven mesh, making it incredibly robust.
  • Service turnaround time is 80% faster on average than with the previous drone models.


  • Equipped with a LIDAR ground sensor rather than an optical sensor, the eBee X allows more accurate landings on different terrain due to greater distance measurement.
  • The eBee X maximum coverage is 127% more than the eBee Plus. 
  • What are some main benefits? Increased flight radius and ability to reach inaccessible areas, and reduced time on site and safety risks. All these features are crucial to conducting advanced operations, such as BVLOS. 

 Flight time

  • The eBee X boasts a longer flight time of up to 90 minutes with its endurance software extension and endurance battery (with the S.O.D.A. camera). 
  • Ideal for large-scale projects and corridor mapping. 
  • The result is less time spent swapping batteries and more time collecting the geospatial data you need.


  • Free updates that allow you to expand your project capabilities.
  • Multi-drone missions feature – ideal for time-sensitive operations.
  • Increased linear landing accuracy and safety on landings.
  • Improved safety and security features required for advanced operations, such as BVLOS.
  • Advanced regulations ready – Remote ID, serial number.
  • Point of Interest (POI) mission block designed for S.O.D.A. 3D camera. The drone will orbit around an object of interest and take oblique images from all extremities.
  • 3D corridor mapping. 
  • Improved user interface and user experience, more intuitive.
  • Multilingual software – Besides English, Spanish and Mandarin, eMotion is available in Portuguese, Arabic, Czech, and Turkish for eBee X operators.  

Advanced operations ready

  • The eBee X has unbeatable coverage, flight time, lightweight design, and safety options, making it advanced operations ready. 
  • Already BVLOS approved in Brazil and OOP in Canada, to fly over urban areas. 
  • Its light take-off weight and low wing loading are major components of making operations safer and compliant within more regulatory frameworks worldwide.
  • Remote ID ready (depending on the region).


  • eBee X backpack included when you purchase the drone. Until the eBee X, the hard case was the only option to transport the fixed-wing to the field. 
  • The backpack weighs 4.6 kg / 10.1 lbs empty and 10 kg / 22 lbs on average when fully loaded with an eBee X, laptop and accessories.
  • Advantages? Increased mobility in the field and greater comfort; all your gear is in one spot -including a laptop compartment- and protection for your drone.

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