Drone Mapping of Saline Lands in Senegal

Drone Mapping of Saline Lands in Senegal

Senegal Flying Labs employed the senseFly eBee X and S.O.D.A. drone camera to map 115 ha / 1.15 km2 of saline lands in the commune of Loul Sessene, Senegal. The goal was to understand the dynamics of the saline flats.

Land salinization compromises food security and has an impact on the economy and ecosystem. Besides, it represents a major impediment to development in West Africa. Estimation of the exact area of saline lands is a major challenge and the satellite imagery does not provide sufficient resolution for this task.

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  • Analyze the different types of saline flats and classify them.
  • Better fight against the phenomena of salinization.
  • Allow the local officials of the commune to refine strategies to control this phenomenon.


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