Processing the drone's images

using photogrammetry software

A drone's still images can be transformed into centimetre accurate orthomosaics & 3D models using photogrammetry software such as Pix4Dmapper Pro (optional with every senseFly drone). Here's how...

Pix4Dmapper Pro is an option with every eBee drone

01. Check image quality in the field

Pix4Dmapper Pro can create a quick Quality Report directly in the field.

After your drone lands, just import your data into eMotion, choose to perform local processing in Pix4Dmapper, and click to create a quick quality report.

This report even includes a low-resolution orthomosaic preview - helping you gain immediate feedback on the quality of the images acquired during your mission.

02. Generate orthomosaics, 3D models & point clouds

Pix4Dmapper's workflow is fully automated. After initial processing, handled with just one click, it allows you to generate orthomosaics, 3D digital surface models (DSMs) and 3D point clouds from your senseFly drone's images.

The software handles all the necessary calibration and processing to give you survey-grade accurate outputs. However, you retain full control if required, meaning for example you can assess and edit all tie points (GCPs, check points etc.).

View example senseFly drone/Pix4Dmapper datasets

03. Assess & edit

Assess and edit your projects using the software's built-in rayCloud and Mosaic Editor functions.

These allow you to further improve the accuracy of your mapping projects and annotate objects directly in the software.

You can also import your results directly into any GIS, CAD or traditional photogrammetry software package you use.

04. Explore the rayCloud

The rayCloud is a ground-breaking Pix4D feature that combines the 3D point cloud with your original input images.

This innovative approach to processing substantially increases the accuracy of 3D point estimates and provides you with a fuller understanding of your 3D results.

Use the rayCloud to: 

  • Better view, assess and interpret your data
  • Gain full control over all your tie points, calibration and results (assess and edit GCPs, check points and manual tie points)
  • Annotate and measure polylines (breaklines), surfaces and volumes (stockpiles) with the highest possible precision

Pix4Dmapper Pro is an option with every eBee drone

"The eBee provides the best overall performance of any UAS system we’ve tried. It can fly at high altitude, behaves reliably in unstable wind conditions, and it doesn’t require extra additional take-off and landing equipment. Its pre-flight software also makes it easy to create your flight plan and its photogrammetry program generates very precise 3D models."

Eric Romersa, Co-Founder
WSdata3D, Chile

Eric Romersa, Co-Founder

"The sensefly eBee changed the game for us, allowing us to move from being UAV hobbyists into offering professional drone services. We deploy it for many commercial applications, in mining & construction, right around the world. We can deliver highly accurate data sets to customers within days of being on-location, faster, more safely, and more efficiently than previous technology and service providers in these industries were able to provide. This technology has been just wonderful to work with."

Brian Deatherage, CEO
Phoenix Drone Service LLC, United States

Brian Deatherage, CEO

"We needed a system that would get us GIS-ready 2D and 3D products in a timely manner. The senseFly eBee is just that. With a fully integrated workflow the eBee allows us to focus on making use of the data as opposed to worrying about flight operations and data processing. We have flown the eBee in all types of weather conditions and have been extraordinarily impressed with its reliability."

Jarlath O’Neil-Dunne, Director
University of Vermont Spatial Analysis Laboratory, United States

Jarlath O’Neil-Dunne, Director

Pix4Dmapper Pro features


  • Aerial (nadir and oblique) imagery support
  • Multi-camera support for the same project
  • Multi-camera support for the same project
  • MultiSPEC 4C support
  • Multiple file types
  • Ground Control Point edit and import
  • Local, global and arbitrary coordinate reference system support in meters and feet
  • Camera position and exterior orientation (omega, phi, kappa) support
  • External point cloud import
  • eBee RTK high precision images


  • Rapid Check processing mode
  • Rapid NDVI map creation
  • Rapid Check Quality report
  • Camera self-calibration
  • Automatic Aerial Triangulation (AAT) and Bundle Block Adjustment (BBA)
  • Automatic point cloud densification
  • Automatic point cloud classification and DTM extraction (BETA)
  • Point cloud filtering and smoothing
  • Automatic brightness and color correction
  • Quality report
  • Project merging
  • Project area definition
  • Project splitting
  • GPU support

rayCloud Editor

  • Project viewing
  • Manual tie point editing
  • Project reoptimization
  • Image annotation
  • Point cloud editing
  • Polyline object creation
  • Surface object creation
  • Stockpile object creation (volume measurement)
  • Digitization tools / vector object editing
  • Fly-through animation

Index Calculator

  • Radiometric adjustment interface
  • Reflectance map editing
  • Automated index generation (NDVI)
  • Draw field bounds and compute index per crop variety
  • Formula editing
  • Automatic index segmentation
  • Application map annotation
  • Export the application map as shapefile (SHP)

Mosaic Editor

  • Seamline editing
  • Planar / ortho projection selection
  • Mosaic color / brightness editing

Output results

  • 2D output results (more info on PDF)
  • 3D output results (more info on PDF)
  • Fly-through animations and flightpaths
  • Optimized camera position, external orientation and internal parameters, undistorted images