Engineering & Construction

The time- and cost-saving benefits of collecting geospatial data by drone are being realised by an increasing number of construction and engineering operations—whether using unmanned systems to monitor a site’s evolution, measure cut and fill volumes, inspect infrastructure or generate accurate 3D building models.


From measuring cut and fill volumes, to conducting precise pre- and as-built surveys, and inspecting crucial infrastructure, professional drones are being employed right across the industry.

Proven ROI across multiple applications


Surveying project


1 drone operator vs. 5 terrestrial RTK operators

“The eBee Plus has revolutionised the laborious weekly task of measuring our cut and fill. Before, we would use robotic total stations and GPS, which took two to three days. Now we fly in half a day. The drone is the best money our survey department has ever spent.”

Nick Kelly

Chief Land Surveyor, GRAHAM Construction, Ireland