Environmental Protection

Drone (or UAV/UAS) technology suits a myriad of conservation and environmental protection applications, offering quick, easy and cost-effective aerial imagery, on demand. From glacial feature modelling and erosion monitoring to animal counting and species identification, the list of ways in which drones are being employed continues to grow.


Professionals such as environmental engineers and scientific researchers are increasingly turning to drones in place of either slower terrestrial surveying equipment, lower-resolution satellite imagery and expensive, or sometimes unavailable, manned aircraft services.

Proven ROI across multiple applications


Surveying project


1 drone operator vs. 5 terrestrial RTK operators

"This technology allows plant scientists to reach places that were previously off limits as they were either too remote, too dangerous or too time consuming to explore. With our eBee we can now cover large areas of ground in great detail from a completely different perspective, and quickly too."

Justin Moat

Head, Kew Gardens GIS Unit, United Kingdom