Humanitarian Aid & Development

Automated mapping drones (or UAV/UAS) provide accurate, up-to-date geographic data, on demand. Whatever your organisation’s specific field of activity—whether aid, development, emergency response or disaster preparedness—unmanned technology can play a valuable role, helping your staff to work more efficiently and take better, more informed decisions.


Thanks to their high-resolution, cost-effective insights, drones are today being widely adopted across humanitarian and development sectors by organisations as diverse as The World Bank and Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining.

Proven ROI across multiple applications


Surveying project


1 drone operator vs. 5 terrestrial RTK operators

“The main orthophoto the drone data produced is already being used for roof print digitisation, and we’re planning to use the digital model for inundation mapping. I see drones as having great cross-sectoral potential.”

Edward Anderson

Senior Technology & Innovation Specialist, The World Bank, Tanzania