One of the largest gold mines in the world, Pueblo Viejo relies on its 10-member survey team to collect and deliver data that is critical to the mine’s operation. This survey team is responsible for providing volume reconciliation, stockpile inventory, slope monitoring and more, so it’s important that survey staff accomplish their tasks in a speedy and safe manner. Failure to do so can adversely affect production, or worse, pose a serious threat to worker safety.

According to Pueblo Viejo’s Senior Mine Surveyor, Jhon Ozoria Lora, accomplishing all the above for the whole mining operation used to be time-consuming and dangerous, ultimately proving too difficult for his team to achieve with traditional survey equipment alone.

Download this case study and discover how Lora and his survey team turned to fixed-wing drones to:

  • Accelerate its survey data collection
  • Improve worker and site safety
  • Complete full mine surveys in half a day
  • Saved half a million dollars in equipment costs
  • Reduced survey costs by up to 30%