Drones at a Distance – Lessons Learned From North America’s Largest BVLOS UAV Project

Drones at a Distance – Lessons Learned From North America’s Largest BVLOS UAV Project

BVLOS project details, standards and procedures, results, ROI and much more

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Neste webinar, você aprenderá:

  • How the ‘Project Honeycomb’ BVLOS proof-of concept trial came about
  • Which procedures & standards IN-FLIGHT Data used to manage Project Honeycomb’s 2,700 km (1,700 mi) of flights
  • Which BVLOS missions were flown with the project’s 20 partner organisations:
    • From SAR and Agriculture to Energy and Municipal operations
  • What results & commercial findings were achieved, including:
    • SAR success 24x faster than traditional methods
    • 18x faster environmental field survey
    • 48x faster thermal roof inspection


Chris Healy

IN-FLIGHT Data, Owner/Operator

The owner of IN-FLIGHT Data in Canada, Chris has an unmatched passion for the value that BVLOS UAV flights can bring to Canadian organizations, governments and citizens. As the Project Lead for Canada’s largest-ever BVLOS project, and using the complete family of eBee aircraft, Chris and his team have successfully delivered on over 2,000 km of BVLOS flights for over 20 large Canadian and multi-national organizations.

Gary Licquia

senseFly Inc., Regional Sales Manager

Gary Licquia is senseFly's Regional Sales Manager for the Central US. In this role he manages the sales and distribution network for market-leading fixed-wing mapping drones across a 14-state region, in addition to serving as entity administrator for federal government sales through GSA contracts. Gary previously worked for a senseFly distribution partner where he focused on sales to survey and agriculture clients, and also developed UAV sales training programs for agriculture equipment salesmen.