Drone to GIS Explained

Drone to GIS Explained

How to employ senseFly drone data in Esri’s Drone2Map for ArcGIS

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Neste webinar, você aprenderá:

  • How to process senseFly drone images within Drone2Map for ArcGIS
  • How to integrate senseFly drone data in your ArcGIS workflows
  • How to deliver on-demand high resolution imagery & robust GIS projects
  • How to extract reliable & detailed information for change detection (e.g before/after a natural event)
  • How to efficiently acquire and process drone imagery covering larger areas over 0.5 mi2 (1.3 km2)


Mark Romero

Esri, USA

Mark works at Esri as Solutions Engineer on the imagery team, where he helps users to maximise the value of their imagery using ArcGIS technology. His areas of expertise are satellite, aerial, drone, LiDAR, and full motion video. He has been using Esri software since 1997 as a GIS Specialist at the BLM. Mark joined Esri in Spring of 2005 as a Product Engineer on the Defense Products team. He then moved to Technical Marketing as an industry analyst in Redlands.

Francois Gervaix

senseFly, Switzerland

A qualified Geomatics Engineer, Francois has worked for Leica Geosystems and as a professor at the Technical University for Applied Sciences Western Switzerland (HES-SO). In 2010 he launched project R-Pod, Photogrammetry on Demand, before founding Easy2map, a drone-based photogrammetry service provider, in 2012. Francois joined senseFly in 2016, where he is the company’s product manager for surveying. He was also President of the Swiss Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing for five years.

Joseph Adduci

Argonne National Laboratory, USA

Joseph is the manager of the National Security GIS group at Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois. He received his master’s degree in Geographic Information Science from Northwest Missouri State University, and uses the experience he’s gained in the last 20 years to teach GIS and remote sensing classes at various colleges and universities in the greater Chicago area.