eMotion X

Flight planning & control software

eMotion X is your albris flight control centre — featuring live streaming video feedback, full control of what imagery albris captures, access to sensor and flight data, plus full flight planning functionality.

eMotion X is included with every senseFly albris drone

Choose the flight mode that suits your project

eMotion X makes it easy to plan autonomous mapping and 3D modeling flights by using pre-programmed mission blocks.

Alternatively, you can ‘fly live’ by entering Interactive ScreenFly mode. Ideal for inspection jobs, this mode features assistance features such as Distance Lock and Cruise Control. (Manual RC mode is also available for experienced pilots.)

Fully autonomous mode

Need to map a small site, such as a plant or construction site? Or are you looking to create a 3D model of a specific point of interest such as an entire building or tower? Just choose the relevant mission block and plan your flight.

  • Choose your mission block (see below)
  • Specify your area or point of interest
  • eMotion X generates a GPS waypoint-based flight plan
  • albris takes off, flies, acquires imagery & lands itself
  • View albris’s live video stream & sensor data during flight
  • Record imagery on albris’s SD card as required
  • Use professional photogrammetry software (such as Pix4Dmapper) to generate 2D maps & 3D models

Mission block: Horizontal Mapping

Use this mission block to fly a ‘bird’s eye’, top-down mapping mission (senseFly eBee style). Just set a few key mission parameters, such as your preferred ground resolution, and eMotion X does the rest — creating flight lines and setting GPS waypoints automatically.

Mission block: Cylinder Mapping


This mission block enables albris to autonomously inspect structures such as wind turbines or towers. Just set the required cylinder's height, its height above ground, plus the image resolution and overlap you require. eMotion X does the rest. It automatically generates albris’ flight path (spanning the entire vertical structure), places waypoints and sets the drone’s orientation and head angle to capture the photos required, in overlapping layers, all around the structure.

Mission block: Around Point of Interest

This mission block also enables albris to autonomously inspect structures, such as buildings, wind turbines and tower sections. Simply set the required resolution, head angle and flight height required. eMotion X then automatically generates a circular flight path, on a single horizontal plane, around the object of interest, and programs the drone’s image capture points to capture photos from all around the structure.

Mission block: Panoramic

This mission block adds even more flexibility to autonomous mapping missions. Use it to more accurately map and model concave environments, as well as to create new impressive marketing assets.

Mission block: Custom Route

This mission block is perfect for guiding the drone through complex environments. Or if you want to use different types of mission block during a single flight, you can link these together using custom routes.

Interactive ScreenFly mode

Do you need to perform a live inspection of a surface or structure? Use albris’s ScreenFly controller to fly an assisted interactive mission.

  • Take-off in Interactive ScreenFly mode (or switch into this during an autonomous flight)
  • ‘See what albris sees’ on-screen via its multiple live video feeds
  • Activate Anti-Drift, Cruise Control & Distance Lock as required
  • Centre albris’s cameras on a target
  • Capture high-res still images on demand
  • GNSS Off option to fly in GNSS-deprived environments

Inside eMotion X

eMotion X is included with every senseFly albris drone

eMotion X features

Mission planning

  • Intuitive 3D user interface
  • Click and drag to set mission blocks
  • Automatic 3D flight planning
  • Edit mission plans during flight


  • Automated system checks
  • Automated take-off & landing
  • Real-time flight status
  • Main camera video feed integration
  • Thermal video feed integration
  • Navcam video feed integration
  • Fully automatic flight
  • Interactive ScreenFly
  • Manual flight (with assistance functions)
  • In-flight switch between flight modes
  • Black-box recording of all flight & mission parameters

After your flight

  • Project & data management
  • Seamless interface to Pix4Dmapper
  • DNG to JPEG conversion