Inspection 360

More insights, less risk

senseFly’s Inspection 360 features all the proven drone hardware and industry-leading software you need to capture the data you require, safely and efficiently.


Achieve sub-millimetre resolutions

TripleView imaging built-in (38 MP RGB, HD video & thermal infrared)

Look directly up, down & everywhere in between


Save time over manual inspection methods

Eliminate the costs of scaffolding, snooper trucks & road closures

Choice of flight modes (automatic/interactive) to suit every project

Multiple types of imagery means no landing to swap payloads


Intuitive user interface & powerful flight assistance

Integrated workflow & data management

Automated features ensure full target coverage every time

Safe & Secure

The fully shrouded albris drone weighs less than 2 kg (4.4lb)

Numerous failsafes & backup behaviours

Enjoy advanced situational awareness–even in low GPS areas

Included in Inspection 360

albris drone

  • TripleView imaging (RGB, video, thermal)
  • Choice of flight modes to suit every mission
  • Advanced situational awareness
  • Safe, secure operation

eMotion software

  • Simple mission-block flight planning
  • 2D/3D interface options
  • Connect to cloud services, weather updates, airspace data etc.

Pix4Dmapper software

  • One-click image processing
  • Create georeferenced orthomosaics, point clouds & surface models
  • Desktop & cloud processing options

Education & support

  • Full access to Knowledge Base, regular customer webinars, video tutorials & more
  • Lifetime hardware & eMotion support
  • Expert local senseFly representatives