Survey 360

As easy as X, Y, Z

senseFly Survey 360 is a comprehensive solution built upon globally-trusted products. The technology is proven. The results speak for themselves. It’s time to join the revolution.

Mine & Quarry 360

Driving decisions from the sky

senseFly Mine & Quarry 360 (featuring Airware) is a durable, globally-proven solution that takes you all the way from point-and-click flight planning to actionable, shareable data.

Ag 360

Fly. Know. Act.

senseFly’s professional Ag 360 solution provides the in-depth aerial insights you need to accurately monitor your crop’s development and identify issues as early as possible.

Inspection 360

More insights, less risk

senseFly’s Inspection 360 features all the proven drone hardware and industry-leading software you need to capture the data you require, safely and efficiently.