Survey 360

As easy as X, Y, Z

senseFly Survey 360 is a comprehensive solution built upon globally-trusted products. The technology is proven. The results speak for themselves. It’s time to join the revolution.


Achieve high absolute accuracy of down to 3 cm (1.2 in) via built-in RTK/PPK

No Ground Control Points required


75%-80% quicker than terrestrial measurement

3-5x lower cost than terrestrial

Map up to 10x more ground, per flight, than multirotor drones

eMotion flight software ensures optimal results


Two-minute set-up for quick deployment

Quick measurement of volumes, slopes & surfaces

Achieve survey-grade accuracy without bulky terrestrial instruments

Track a site’s evolution simply over time


Visualise sites easily in high-res 2D & 3D

Huge density of data points (millions per flight)

Add value to vector data with visual outputs

Service multiple types of project through additional camera options


Compatible with leading base stations

Data outputs compatible with industry software (AutoCAD/ArcGIS/Bentley etc.)

Included in Survey 360

eBee Plus drone

  • Flies for 59 min
  • Survey up to 220 ha (540 ac) at 120 m/400 ft AGL
  • High-Precision on Demand (RTK/PPK)—absolute accuracy down to 3 cm (1.2 in)
  • senseFly S.O.D.A. photogrammetry camera

eMotion software

  • Simple mission-block flight planning
  • 2D/3D interface options
  • Connect to cloud services, weather updates, airspace data etc.
  • Instant integration with senseFly GeoBase (& compatible with leading base stations)

Pix4Dmapper software

  • One-click image processing
  • Create georeferenced orthomosaics, point clouds & surface models
  • Desktop & cloud processing options

Education & support

  • Full access to Knowledge Base, regular customer webinars, video tutorials & more
  • Lifetime hardware & eMotion support
  • Expert local senseFly representatives


  • senseFly GeoBase: Don’t own a base station? No VRS access? Enable high-accuracy eBee Plus workflows with this plug-and-play GNSS instrument