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senseFly’s team of experienced support engineers, based in Switzerland and the U.S., form the central core of our global support network.

At senseFly we are dedicated to making sure each customer receives timely, expert technical support.

Since we know the best support is local support, we have created and continue to grow a global network of support service centres. These are typically, although not always, managed by experienced senseFly distributors, who themselves have direct access to our internal team of experienced, multilingual support engineers if required.

senseFly support covers not only our drones, but also all our software, payloads and accessories.

How to access support

How to access support

At senseFly we provide support primarily through our online customer portal, my.senseFly. This is located at and also accessible via

  • To create a Support Ticket, log in to my.senseFly (using the ID you created when first downloading your drone’s software)
  • On the main my.senseFly dashboard, click the Support icon next to the drone in question
  • Your enquiry will be automatically forwarded to your local support representative to ensure you receive local help in your language
  • (In the case of direct sales, your request will be handled by our multilingual support team here in Switzerland)
  • You can view the status of your ticket at any time via my.senseFly

In addition to support, my.senseFly is packed full of valuable content and downloads, designed to help you reap the most benefit possible from your senseFly systems.

my.senseFly includes:

  • My Drones: your overview of your senseFly drone portfolio
  • Knowledge Base: a comprehensive selection of free product articles, tutorials, webinars & more
  • Software: download links for the latest versions of all our programs
  • User Manuals: the latest versions in PDF format
  • Firmware Updates: our latest product updates (just connect via USB and click!)
  • Profiles: edit both your senseFly customer and Drone Connector profile info

Our support process

Our support process

When you create a Support Ticket through my.senseFly, this begins a structured, in-depth, and highly analytical process. Here’s what happens:

  • Your create a new Support Ticket
  • Your ticket is assigned to a support engineer 

Note: this ticket remains actionable by our whole team in case your assigned engineer is unavailable for any reason.

In the case of technical product support (not general usage questions), your support engineer will typically request the drone’s last BBX log file.

  • Our team imports this BBX file into our BBX Analyser tool
  • This allows us to view the drone’s last-known location, flight parameters, sensor and component statistics etc.
  • We can even repeat your drone’s last flight, in eMotion, exactly as it happened!

In the case of physical damage to your drone, your local Support Service Centre will manage the repair process.

Having a problem logging in to my.senseFly?

Contact our Swiss support team direct.

Got a sales enquiry?

Please use our Contact page.