Mosini et Caviezel is a company that has been active for more than 60 years, monitoring gravel pits and quarries all over Switzerland and constantly seeking the means to optimise its operations. The company has used a senseFly mapping drone (UAV) since March, 2012, to execute its photogrammetric surveys.

The Mormont quarry in Eclépens, Switzerland

Project description

Location: Mormont quarry, Eclépens, Switzerland
The aim was to create accurate 3D model of the quarry, geo-referenced by ground control points, in order to measure the volume of extractions.
Size: > 0.5 sq km. / 0.2 sq. mi.
Longituninal & lateral overlap: 80%
Flight altitude:
160 m (525 ft) above take-off point
Total no. of photos: 127
Precision: 8 cm (3.1 in.) ground resolution

Experience and results

"The use of drones for monitoring photogrammetric operations permits us to save time and is safer than standard surveys. Obtaining an orthomosaic is also a significant advantage over other methods that do not provide an overview of the site on a single document. The orthomosaic base map illustrates well the 3D model and meets our clients demands. Furthermore, the cost of the intervention is reduced while the results are more reliable than a standard survey."

An example flight plan from the firm's quarry survey