Dymaxion SAS is a young Colombian company that provides a range of services, software and web applications for engineering projects.

Project description

  • Location: Ruta del Sol, 100 km (62 miles) West of Bogota , Colombia
  • Challenge: To control and monitor the materials and equipment employed during the construction of this new road.
  • Difficulties: Tricky terrain (small hills with thick forests) meant that flight heights had to be defined with high precision in order to obtain a homogenous image resolution and comply with safety regulations.
  • Size: 66 ha (163 ac)
  • Flights: 4
  • Total flight time: approx. 2 hours (inc. flight planning & setting of GCPs)
  • Weather: sunny / some wind
  • Precision: 8 cm (3.1 in) / pixel

Experience and results

"The ease of use and efficiency of the swinglet CAM helped us to accomplish this project. The light weight of the swinglet CAM makes it very easy to transport it to remote areas and at same time enables it to withstand small and controlled impacts when the landing area is not optimal.

"We were able to deliver a rapid response in terms of the time that takes between the assignment of the project and the delivery of the final product. Using this drone is a constant and rewarding learning process that lets you improve every day.

"The final outcome consisted of an orthomosaic and a 3D model of the site, enabling fill & cut volume control. Finally we posted this data on a GIS platform we developed ourselves."