Mechamoto Systems Inc. was founded at the beginning of 2012 in Toronto, Canada. The company provides technology solutions and technical services for the mining industry. Its key projects to date have included UAV mapping for surface mining, applications of GPS and sensor-guided unmanned ground vehicles, remote sensing and data management.

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Project description

  • Location: Barrick Pueblo Viejo Gold Mine, Dominican Republic
  • Challenge: The location of the planned tailings storage facility was situated in a valley. The topography ranged from 50 m (164 ft) - 200 m (656 ft) below the drone's take-off point. Gusty winds of 5 m (16.4 ft.) per second during the day were also common, making wind tolerance a major challenge. Drone missions were planned carefully each day, targeting ideal flying conditions, and the team's models were constructed in stages.
  • Coverage: approx. 2.2 sq. km (0.85 sq. mi.)
  • Number of flights: 3
  • Total flight time: 45 min
  • Weather conditions: Strong winds
  • Precision: 10 cm (3.9 in.) / pixel
  • Outputs: orthomosaic & DEM

Experience and results

"The swinglet CAM UAV has been a reliable system that works in the mining environment. The final result was high-resolution geospatial data of an area, in time when it matters most.

"Obvious helpful features of the swinglet CAM were its durable airframe and autopilot fail-safes. Its flexible foam construction also make the aircraft fairly easy to maintain on site. The drone's smart fail-safe mechanisms and intuitive ground controls ensured the aircraft takes off and lands safely every time, which truly gave one the peace-of-mind needed to stay focus on the job, instead of worrying about how to fly."