Flying Multi-drone Around the World

Flying Multi-drone Around the World

Multi-drone advantages and use cases presented by customers

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In this webinar you will learn:

  • Multi-drone advantages
  • Customer story #1: Mapping 8,000 ha in 3 days, by NGS Lab and Agro Solutions
  • Customer story #2: 50 km² corridor mapping for data preservation, by FEDS
  • Customer story #3: Quick situation assessment in coastal zone, by GPS SUL Agrimensura
  • Customer story #4: Flying over people in Sofia, Bulgaria, by Geographica
  • Q&A: With senseFly and customers
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senseFly experts

senseFly, Switzerland and Brazil

Sandro Khutsishvili

NGS Lab, Georgia

Irakli Chikava

Agro Solutions Group, Georgia

Scott Henderson


Vladislav Trenkin

Geographica, Bulgaria