Ag Drone Insights 2

Using Drones to Create More Accurate Prescriptions

Tuesday, March 21
10:00 EST / 16:00 CET

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How aerial imaging drones are used to collect crop data
  • How drone imagery can be used to define management zones & create precise variable rate application maps (Rx)
  • How professional agronomists use drones to guide their variable rate seeding and nitrogen application, including:
    • Variables to consider when generating an accurate Rx
    • How to test its efficacy
    • In-field examples
    • Benefits & ROI
  • How drones compare to other methods of prescription creation
  • The challenges of a drone-based Rx approach

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Michael Dunn
Anez Consulting

Michael Dunn (USA)

Michael Dunn of Anez Consulting is a precision agronomist and remote sensing specialist. He holds a certified pesticide applicator’s license, Certified Crop Advisor certification, and has a CompTIA certification in Project Management. Michael also worked as a nurseryman for seven years, during which time he became familiar with the cultural requirements for a wide variety of crops, integrated pest management, and best management practices for horticulture and agriculture. Michael holds an AS degree in Agriculture: Plant Science and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business: Marketing Management.

Paulo Amorim
geosistemas SRL

Gustavo Miolano (Argentina)

Gustavo Miolano is the field support manager at geosistemas, Argentina’s leading supplier of geotechnologies. He works on developing the company’s precision agriculture solutions, spanning everything from GPS guidance and land leveling to seeding and spraying solutions, on-spot spraying and, of course, drones. Gustavo brings to our webinar not only in-depth technical experience but also extensive in-field experience from having worked with a huge range of agricultural clients across the breadth of Argentina.

Nathan Stein

Nathan Stein (USA)

Nathan holds a degree in civil engineering, has several years of GIS and precision agriculture experience, and he is a grain farmer. As senseFly’s application engineer for precision agriculture, he fuses these skills together to build better farming practices. Therefore he is well versed in explaining the ag drone workflow and detailing the insights UAVs can bring. He also has direct experience of numerous ag drone applications, based on extensive field trials carried out at his family’s holding in Iowa, USA.