eBee TAC ™

Blue UAS Registered since 9th March 2022

eBee TAC is a hand-launched fixed-wing tactical mapping and imagery collection UAS that operates in disconnected environments to provide a higher-accuracy mobile solution to map and share imagery data on rapidly-shifting environments in order to analyze and act with precision.

This solution can be operated by one person, easily transported in a military standard transport case, and maintained without requiring external support. The data gathered is sharable locally.

Examples of data generated:

  • Detailed 3D models
  • VR simulations
  • Multispectral maps
  • Thermal maps
  • Terrain and surface models
  • Orthomosaic  maps

Mission Ready UAS

eBee TAC is Blue UAS registered, NDAA compliant.

Easy flight planning, 3 minutes deployment, can be transported and operated by one person. It has the capability to integrate with situation awareness tools such as ATAK.

eBee TAC has a Pixel Camouflage specifically designed to reduce its visibility in the sky. Moreover, the drone’s underbody skin is made of Curv® Polypropylene thermoplastic composite making it a rugged and durable solution.

Light Weight 3.6 lb

Operate safely due to eBee TAC being lightweight 3.6 lb (1.6 kg). eBee TAC has a modular design that allows easy maintenance and fast repairs in the field.

Up to 90 Mins Flight

Efficiently map up to 1,235 ac (500 ha) while flying at 400 ft (120 meters). eBee TAC unlocks a maximum flight time of up to 90 min, making it the perfect drone for covering large areas.


Radio Data Link Encryption AES-256.

Drone Log File Suppression.

Silent Radio Mission.

Data and Communication Control.

Integratable with Google Earth Enterprise Platform.

Acoustically undetectable at 120 ft (40 mts).

Optimized Cameras

With its mission directed swappable sensor suite, eBee TAC allows you to collect data that can be immediately used via the encrypted SD card for analysis and decision making. Camera options include RGB, 3D, multispectral and thermal payloads.

Blue UAS registered (Department of Defense)

eBee TAC Drone Solution Approved by U.S. Department of Defense for Sale Across Government Agencies.

“Traditional mapping tools, such as quadcopters or short-range surveillance drones, lack the capabilities to perform mid-range mapping reconnaissance tasks, particularly in environments that are difficult to navigate. Together with our partners, we have listened to the needs of field personnel to ensure that the eBee TAC is purpose-built for the tactical mapping demands of defense applications to improve mission effectiveness in a variety of terrains.”

Michael O’Sullivan, Managing Director of senseFly.

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The eBee TAC drone is designed to map large areas autonomously, making your data gathering faster and safer.

One mission coverage

senseFly eBee TAC drone

500 ha (1236 ac)*
2.9 cm per pixel

* with senseFly S.O.D.A. 3D nadir imagery.

Quad multicopter drones

Up to 40 ha (99 ac)
3.6 cm per pixel

Achieve Absolute Accuracy with Available RTK/PPK

From high-density point clouds to 3D meshes and georeferenced orthomosaics, quality data is critical to every job.

With the on-demand RTK/PPK capabilities of eBee TAC, you can gather data with ease while maintaining high precision across every step of your workflow. eBee TAC achieves an absolute accuracy down to 0.6 in (1.5 cm), without the need for ground control points (GCPs).

And since eBee TAC is compatible with the industry’s leading base stations, you can fly knowing your connectivity can take you anywhere.

Absolute accuracy*

*Using the senseFly Aeria X at 0.39 in (1 cm) GSD.

  • 0.6 in
  • 1.5 cm

"It is the only collection platform organic to SFABs and has proven a critical enabler for tactical advise and assist efforts in Afghanistan."

US Army, SFAB, United States

eBee TAC

comes with ...

1 x Lithium-polymer battery charger/discharger

2 x Lithium-polymer endurance batteries

1 x Military standard transport case

2  x  Spare Propellers
10 x Spare Attachment Rubber Bands
1  x  Pitot Pro Kit

1 x USB ground modem

2 x Encrypted SD Cards

Includes eMotion drone flight planning software

Offline flight planning

Fly in disconnected environments thanks to offline background maps and elevation data.

3D flight planning
Multidrone capable
Automated mission blocks

Data generated

Detailed 3D models

Compatible with

Orthomosaic high resolution map

Compatible with

Terrain and surface model

Compatible with

Thermal map

Compatible with

Suits Every Mapping Job

Choosing the right mapping camera for the proper mission plays a big part. senseFly eBee TAC design suits every job thanks to its range of groundbreaking and interchangeable mapping drone sensors.

senseFly S.O.D.A. 3D

Generate stunning 3D reconstructions with this unique photogrammetry sensor that changes orientation during flight.

senseFly Aeria X

Optimize exposure time under numerous light conditions with this compact drone photogrammetry camera. For those who demand the highest quality RGB outputs.

senseFly S.O.D.A.

Capture sharp aerial images and translate them into detailed orthomosaic maps with this robust and efficient photogrammetry camera.

senseFly Corridor

Corridor mapping made easy. With its portrait camera position, senseFly Corridor requires 30% fewer images to map the same linear route. This, in turn, means 30% shorter processing times.

senseFly Duet T

Create high-resolution, geo-accurate thermal maps on-demand with senseFly Duet T, a rugged dual RGB and thermal drone camera rig.

senseFly Duet M

Develop geo-accurate multispectral maps and digital surface models quickly and easily with this RGB and multispectral camera.

MicaSense RedEdge-MX

Capture imagery for NDVI crop indexes and advanced vegetation analysis with this rugged and professional multispectral drone camera.

Parrot Sequoia+

Get precise georeferenced results with this RGB and multispectral crop camera that features automatic radiometric calibration.

Accessories & Extensions

Configure your eBee TAC to suit your business needs with a wide variety of accessories and extensions.

Drone Backpack

This lightweight backpack offers durable protection and portability for the UAS and its components between locations.

eBee TAC Spare & Maintenance Kit

1x Pair of wings, 1x Pitot tube, 1x Screwdriver, 1x eBee TAC Vertical Surfaces (pair), 1x Tape, 1x Blower, 2x Propeller, 10x Rubber Band

Ping USB

Increase your airspace awareness by viewing live air traffic data directly within eMotion.

Remote Control

Operate your eBee TAC drone manually.

GeoBase by Septentrio Altus NR3

Enable high-accuracy workflow with this plug-and-play GNSS.

Radio Tracker

Safeguard against unexpected aircraft signal loss while flying in high winds, mountainous areas or very large areas out of line of sight.

Endurance Battery

Available Endurance Batteries allow for flight times of up to 90 minutes.


Achieve absolute accuracy of down to 0.6 in (1.5 cm) with available RTK/PPK.

Get the very best support. Locally.

With senseFly, support is never far.

All our products come with full training available at every senseFly point of sale. senseFly solutions include lifetime hardware, payload and eMotion software support (plus free lifetime eMotion and firmware updates.)

senseFly is recognized throughout the industry for excellence in customer service and support. Should you require support in the field at any time, our continuously growing global network of support service centers is standing by to help.

Skill-up & Stand-out

Become a senseFly Certified Operator with our online program and get the knowledge and skills you need to be an eBee eXpert.

The program will guide you through mission planning, flight conditions, workflow, navigation, maintenance and more to get the most from your eBee TAC fixed-wing drone and increase your operations’ ROI.

Not sure if the program is right for you? Trial the first four courses for free!

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