Explore how senseFly drone solutions are employed around the globe — from topographic mapping and site surveys to stockpile monitoring, crop scouting, earthworks, climate change research and much more.




Dam Inspection with eBee X
Mapping Hotels on Playa Bonita Panama City
High precision mapping of a technology park
Industrial estate mapping project
Mapping of the old lighthouse on the island Torbjørnskjær
Mapping a new road with senseFly Corridor
Mapping the Great Aletsch Glacier
Inspecting a bridge pillar
Inspecting a GSM tower
Urban mapping (eBee Plus/senseFly S.O.D.A.)
Assessing crops with RGB imagery (eBee SQ)
Assessing crops (multispectral/eBee SQ)
Inspecting a large arch dam
Mapping a quarry rockface
Mapping Paris – Le Bourget Airport
Mapping a gravel pit
Oblique mapping of a village
Mapping a village
Mapping a quarry
Inspecting a solar installation

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