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The future of inspection & close mappingWhat's your application?The professional mapping droneIt's all about results"The eBee has given me the best R.O.I. of any surveying tool I own"

The future of inspection & close mapping

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The eXom drone is coming...



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senseFly presents: Mapping the impossible



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eBee RTK, the Survey-Grade Mapping Drone



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eBee Ag, the drone for precision agriculture



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eBee maps Swiss alpine valley



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Imagine. Explore. Map



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senseFly helps Race for Water prepare to launch

Read more 26.02.2015

FAA proposes commercial drone regulations

Read more 17.02.2015


Rise of the drones: Aid by air

Source: Philanthropy Age Read more 26.02.2015

Race for Water Odyssey against Plastic Pollution

Source: National Geopraphic Read more 25.02.2015


PDAC 2015

PDAC 2015

Toronto, Canada Date: from 01.03.2015 - 04.03.2015 Go to events page